School Counselor Services


Small Groups:

Small groups consist of anywhere between 3 to 5 students in the same grade level.  The groups meet once a week for 30 minutes.  Small groups are held during a time that is agreed upon between the classroom teacher and counselor, which does not interfere with classwork, core curriculum times, or other existing services.  Groups meet for a duration of 6-8 weeks.

Depending on the small group and the students' needs, the topics covered may include: friendship and social skills, study and organizational skills, identifying and communicating feelings, decision making, conflict resolution, among other relevant academic, career, and personal/social areas.

Students can be referred to a small group by teachers, the principal, the counselor, the student's parent/guardian, or a student can refer him or her self.

Classroom Guidance:

Classroom guidance is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reach all students at Springfield Elementary School.

Second Step is a social-emotional learning program delivered by either the School Counselor or Classroom Teacher at Springfield. The program focuses on the following four units throughout the year:

Unit 1: Growth Mindset and Goal Setting 
Unit 2: Emotion Management 
Unit 3: Empathy and Kindness 
Unit 4: Problem -  Solving

Being a research based program, evidence has proven students make progress with emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement.

Each lesson is developmentally appropriate for each grade level and is designed to promote school and life success and prevent problem behaviors. Second Step also helps to promote students' development in the three domains of the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.


Throughout a student's academic career there may be times when they need extra support and assistance to work through various personal, social, or academic challenges. From time to time I meet with students on an individual basis to provide the support and guidance they need to be successful in school and in life.

The individual meetings are brief and solution focused. I guide students and teach them various coping strategies, skills, and methods to help them address the challenges they are dealing with at the time.