Our School


Springfield Elementary School is located in a rural area of Upper Bucks County, approximately 50-60 miles from both Philadelphia and New York City. It is one of three elementary schools in the Palisades School District. Springfield is a K-5 elementary school, which presently serves 277 students. There is a Full Day Kindergarten Program and one-two sections each of grades 1 – 5. Supportive programs and services include guidance, speech and language, Title I reading, learning support, and gifted support. Students receive specialized instruction in technology, library, art, music, physical education, and Spanish. Additionally, the building houses one intermediate unit class for students with autism. Because of our rural location, the school serves as the hub of the community. We have an active PTA that is involved in our children’s education, and works to provide the school with both monetary and volunteer resources.

While students consistently perform above state and national averages, we continue to be committed to improving. Organizational, curricular, and instructional decisions have been made in light of our goal to have all students meet these rigorous standards.

Organizationally, primary students (K-2) are benefiting from comfortable class sizes, which range from 14 to 24 students. 

Intermediate students (Grades 3-5) are currently instructed in classes ranging in size from 23 – 31 students.  Learning Support Teachers are teaming with regular education teachers to provide as much “push in” support as possible for intermediate students with diagnosed learning disabilities.

Curriculum has been revised to support the Pennsylvania State Standards. All students, K-5, receive math instruction in the Everyday Math Common Core 4 series, supplemented by an additional problem-solving strand, which is still in the development/implementation phase. A Writer’s Workshop approach is used in the teaching of writing, with district assessments and scoring guides used to measure each child’s progress as a writer. The reading/language arts curriculum was revised over the past year, resulting in the development of an elementary comprehensive literacy framework, which reflects a state of the art teaching and learning. Guided reading libraries have been established for the primary grades, as are extensive trade book libraries for the upper grades. These will support our use of literature circles.