Activities & Events

The following is a list of activities/events sponsored by S.E.P.T.A. (followed by a few others sponsored by the school):

5th Grade Memory Book/Award Ceremony/T-shirts

(Sep.-June) 5th grade parents coordinate these activities to help the children preserve the memories and celebrate their years spent at Springfield Elementary.
- Coordinate the assembly of a year book for each student

-Coordinate the food

-Coordinate the set up and tear down

-Coordinate the class gift choices and obtaining the gift

- Coordinate the printing of T-shirts for 5th grade trip
- Recruit volunteers
- Help as needed

Baking Committee/Bake Sale Auction: All year round


-Coordinate baking items for various SEPTA events

-Coordinate a bake sale auction fundraiser


-Bake various items for events you sign up for

-drop off items to school

-support the chairperson in the bake sale auction and all that needs to be done

baking committee

Barnes & Noble Night: December

Meet your friends at Barnes & Noble at the Promenade Shops of Center Valley. A fun night for the entire family with a scavenger hunt, performances by the Springfield & PHS choral groups, gift wrapping & listening to some of your favorite teachers reading books.


- Coordinate date and plans with the store

-Recruit volunteers

-distribute fliers for friday's folders


- distribute vouchers and help as needed

Bingo Night (Spring and Fall)

A Family Favorite!

Bingo Night is a fun filled night featuring cake walks, bingo cards, food & fun!

The Bingo Night Committee is responsible for organizing Bingo Night which is typically held in mid-winter. Specific responsibilities include: securing a date and completing necessary paperwork, ordering food/drinks for the event, organizing prize baskets from each classroom, securing donated gifts for raffle(s) from local merchants/individuals and event promotion by distributing flyers to Springfield families.Decide what extras are included in the Bingo night.

Volunteers are needed to help set up, break down and work the event in the capacity of food venders, cake walk leaders, number callers and general helpers.

BJ's- copy from the other page

Book Fairs

Scholastic Book Fairs are held twice a year (Fall-Nov./Spring-April) allowing students to make wish lists and purchase books of their choice at the school. They may also review their teachers wish list and purchase a book for their classroom. What a great way to encourage reading in our children! Parents are encouraged to visit the fair as well throughout the week.
- Coordinate with book fair vendor
- Set up/take down display
- Recruit volunteers to work the fair
- Tally sales on a daily basis/submit to Treasurer
- Help students/parents with book purchases
- Record all sale transactions

Box Tops for Education: All year round

Please see Fundraising for more information on this program.
- Assist chair in preparing box tops/labels to send out

Color Run: Fall or Spring


-Set up the date and reserve the space

-Distributes the registration forms and collects the money

-Orders the supplies needed

-Coordinates any other activities that will happen at this event


-Help set up

-Help wherever it is needed


(Sept./Oct.) SEPTA assembles a student/parent directory. The directory contains name, phone number and email address for those who wish to participate.
- Recruit volunteers to prepare the directory
- Assemble/distribute directory
- Type directory on home/office computer
- Assemble/distribute directory

Dodgeball Tournanent-Winter Event

Dodgeball competition for all ages for students, adults and staff


-Picks the date and coordinates with the gym teachers

-reserve the space

-Make a flyer and distribute

-Collect registrations and money

-Make purchases for concessions, awards, etc.

-Organize the structure of the event

-Set up and clean up


Help with all of the above and support the chairperson

Dorney Park ticket sales (April)

Although families are encouraged to attend on Family Day, tickets can be used any day of the season that they are purchased for.


-distribute sales flier in friday folder

-collect sales money

-distribute purchased tickets

Fall Fest-October

A fall event for the school. Type of event done in the past is Halloween dance party, trunk or treat, carnival, painting pumpkins, whatever you can dream up!


-Set up date and reserve the space

-Decide what will be done at the event

-Coordinate the activities and volunteers to help

-Set up and tear down


-Support the chairperson in getting the event off of the ground and running

Garden Club

We are a small enthusiastic team of volunteers who thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to help beautify and enhance the grounds of our special little elementary school. The club assists the custodial staff by planting new shrubs, weeding, pruning, maintaining the flowerbeds, and establishing new ones. Twice a year we organize a school yard clean-up, usually in the fall and spring. Our wonderful volunteers run after school activities for the children. Past projects included building bird houses, bird feeders and planters. During Earth Day we gather the children in the multi-purpose room for seed planting. After germination, the students transplant these seedlings to the school grounds, this has proven to be a very successful event which the children thoroughly enjoy. We typically meet every 3-4 weeks to discuss ideas for upcoming projects. If you have a few hours to spare each month and enjoy working outside and meeting new people please come along to one of our meetings. We are looking forward to welcoming some new members and making this year’s planting season a success.


-coordinates clean-ups, fundraisers, and plans with committee any new planting projects if needed


-helps with clean-ups, plantings, or part of planning committee

Gertrude Hawk Candies- For Easter delivery

Candy sale


-Sets the date and reserves the pick up space

-Coordinates with the Gertrude Hawk salesperson the details of the sale

-Distributes the brochures

-Collects money

-Distributes the candy at the pick up date


-Helps count money and tally orders

-Helps distribute the orders at the pick up time

Homeroom Parent Coordinator

This coordinator recruits (2) homeroom parents for each class at the beginning of the year.
- Recruit homeroom parents
Homeroom Parent Volunteers:
- Coordinate class parties
- Assist teachers as needed
- Recruit volunteers for class and SEPTA events as needed

Information Nights- September

This is a fun night and a great opportunity for parents to get information about the many clubs and sports available for Springfield students. Information booths are set-up for scouts, Odyssey of the Mind, baseball, soccer & many others. The entire family is welcome to this event. Ice cream is provided for free.

-set date/fill out facilities usage form
- Advertising
- Make necessary purchases (ice cream/hot dogs/toppings/etc)
- Coordinate food donations if possible
- Coordinate set up/clean up
- Recruit volunteers and activity clubs
- Assist with planned activities
- Set up/clean up

Joe Corbi-in time for the Super Bowl

Pizza and dessert sale


-Set up the date and reserve the pick up location

-Coordinate with a Joe Corbi representative for date and details.

-Distribute flyers

-Collect money and order forms

-Distribute products at pick up location


-Support the Chairperson in completing the organization of sale

KidStuff Books:

Our school is selling valuable, family-friendly KidStuff Coupon Books filled with hundreds of national, regional and local coupons for all ages! The KidStuff Book is conveniently organized, offers incredible savings and is sold exclusively through schools! Our school earns 50% or more profit for every book we sell!

Use just a few coupons and save more than the $25 cost of the book...Remember to keep the book in your car! Family and friends will love saving with KidStuff...The books are great for gifts too! Your family earns 1 FREE book worth $25.00 for every 5 books you sell!

Chairperson Duties

  • Coordinate the sale dates with KidStuff
  • Prepare labels with student names and attach to books and bags
  • Deliver books to teachers and collect unsold books at the end of the sale
  • Deposit checks in the bank
  • Coordinate payment to KidStuff with SEPTA Treasurer

Me and My Guy Dance (April)

Dance for girls and the special guy in their lives.


-picks date

-reserves space

-coordinates events (Pictures/dj/etc.)

-food purchases/contact baking committee/decoration purchases

-create and distribute fliers

-sell tickets to the dance

-set up/clean up


-help with set up and clean up

-help run any events during dance

-bake or help pick up supplies

Mother/Son Bowling-January/February

Mothers (or mother figures) and sons enjoy fun bowling and socializing time together


-Sets up the date

-Works with the bowling alley to schedule event and activities

-Works with a venue for hoagies and finger foods

-Works with baking committee for dessert finger foods.

-Make and distribute flyers

-Collect registrations and fees


Support the Chairperson in whatever needs to be done


Free family movie held once a month


- reserve gym and request set up configuration

- set up movie equipment with help from AV dept.

- supply movie

- organize concessions

- create and distribute flyers to promote event


- work concession stand

- help with set up and clean up

- supervision during drop off events

Newsletter-yearlong monthly newsletter

A monthly newsletter of what has happened and what will be happening at school during that month


-Collects information for the newsletter

-Collects pictures of events at the school

-produces newsletter

-sends to Springfield community first friday of the month


-Supports the chairperson to have information in the newsletter

Panther Spirit Items/Wear

Through the School Store, custom Panther novelty items and clothing are available for sale.
- Collaborate with SEPTA members on selecting desired items to order
- Research items, pricing and create designs
- Work with vendors to facilitate production

- Assist Chair where needed

Parent Socials-various times throughout the year

Organizes a fun time for parents to get together


-Organizes dates and venues to hold the events

-Sends flyers home to parent

-Works with venue to plan event


-Support the chairperson in having the event be successful.

PSSA Assessment Testing Breakfast

(March/April) SEPTA provides breakfast snacks for the children in the morning before testing begins.
- Make necessary purchases
- Recruit volunteers
- Help distribute food items to the students

Race For Education: every couple of years

The Race for Education is a fun jog-a-thon event that is held at school during the fall.

Donation letters are sent to friends and family in the hopes of raising funds for the school.

The children have lots of fun participating in this event. They enjoy comparing how many laps they complete with their friends and teachers.

Family and friends are welcome to come and watch the students run and even participate in the fun. Hope to see you there!

Chair and Co-Chair duties

  • Recruit volunteers
  • Create a timeline for planning and running the event
  • Order necessary supplies for mailers (paper, labels, stamps)
  • Print, copy, correlate kick-off letter, packets and distribute to teachers.
  • Collect prewritten letters from teachers in grades K-2 in order to make copies and distribute to letter writing volunteers.
  • Coordinate with the 3rd-5th grade teachers a window of time for their students to write their letters in class.
  • Collect all letters from volunteers and students in order to prepare for mailing.
  • Send out corporate letters in hopes of donations from local businesses
  • Tally and record all donations received
  • Make deposits
  • Send thank you notes to all donors


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer to fill in names, attach address labels and stamps on K-2nd grade mailers.
  • Volunteer to proofread and attach stamps on 3rd-5th grade mailers.

Race day volunteers to hold individual class signs and stamp hands of students for each lap completed

Raffles-throughout the year

Sells raffle tickets at various school wide events. This is a 50%/50% type raffle.


-Figures out at which events to sell tickets

-Sells tickets

-Tally the money

-Pick a winner


-Help to sell tickets

-Help to count money and pick a winner

Santa Shop

The Santa Shop runs for a couple of days in the middle of December during school hours. It is set up so that the kids have a place to come and buy holiday gifts for their family members, friends, and even their pets. Everything is priced at a dollar so even the youngest shoppers can shop with minimal help. Parent volunteers are always needed to help kids shop and to wrap and label the gifts once purchased.


- Plan activities

- Make necessary purchases

- Coordinate set up/clean up

- Recruit volunteers


- Assist with planned activities

- Set up/clean up

School Store
The school store is open every 1st and 3rd Friday October through May. The store is open during the lunch hour. The School Store is located in the Parent room. Sponsored by SEPTA, the School Store provides students the opportunity to purchase necessary supplies such as pencils, pens, and erasers as well as small toys. Children can also purchase Panther t-shirts, sweatshirts and novelty items to sport on Panther Pride Day. The proceeds from purchases benefit Springfield Elementary. Parents are also welcome to shop.
- Maintain inventory
- Set up/clean up
- Set up/take down
- Assist students with purchases

Staff Appreciation

(Christmas & EOY) This is time taken to thank the faculty and staff for all their hard work and dedication. SEPTA sponsors this event and provides a breakfast or luncheon (along with a small gift) for the staff to enjoy. This is done in December and again at the end of the year.
- Plan breakfast/lunch
- Make needed purchases
- Coordinate set up/clean up
- Call for Springfield parents to send in side dishes, desserts, etc.
- Recruit volunteers
- Set up/clean up
- supply a food item

Volunteer Coordinator
- Coordinates chairpersons for each committee/event sponsored by SEPTA
- Maintains master list of volunteers
- Recruits volunteers when needed